Strategic Decarb 101

High Rise / Low Carbon Event Series: Nimble Brains for Complex Systems


As buildings transitioned from analog to digital systems, controls were dominated by platforms with high financial and educational entry thresholds. But our ability to orchestrate complex systems in buildings has transformed. It is now possible to capture and redeploy heat throughout a building, continually optimizing this thermal dispatch model in real time and keeping HVAC systems running at the highest possible level of performance, without cumbersome hardware.

Leveraging software to enable grid interactivity through building thermal management can radically reduce the amount of grid-level electric battery storage necessary, allow for better utilization of renewable electricity, smooth building demand peaks, and reduce the need for peaking natural gas power generation.

During this High Rise / Low Carbon series program developed to support the Empire Building Challenge and other NYSERDA programs, hear from experts who are deploying these technologies and utilizing Resource Efficient Decarbonization strategies to optimize performance in low-carbon retrofits.

Opening Remarks

Thomas Yeh, RTEM Advisor, NYSERDA


Nyla Mabro, Head of Strategy & Marketing, The Clean Fight


Matthew Sheridan, Energy Manager – Rockefeller Center, Tishman Speyer
Thomas Walsh, General Manager – Manhattan West, Brookfield PropertiesPanelists
Neil Breen, Vice President, Energy Services, Ramboll
Javier Aleman, Principal, AXC Automation

Source: Building Energy Exchange